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You Need To Know How Far You Hit Each Club

Practice Smarter

You can practice all you want and beat golf balls at the range until your blue in the face but you need to know how far you hit each club. It doesn't matter how pure you hit your approach shot if it comes up short or sails over the green. Seems like that should be common sense but I see people just grabbing clubs from their bag because it “looks like a 9 iron”.  You Need To Know How Far You Hit Each Club.  Knowing your distances will allow you to manage your misses and in turn play better golf.


Don't Hit Rocks

You can go to the golf range and hit to the flags to gauge how far you hit each club.  They move the hitting area weekly to allow grass to grow back.  This means the distances are not accurate.  This might be OK in the beginning but I feel like there is a much better way.  At the range you are hitting rock hard, waterlogged range balls that at best knuckled thru the air and skip across a barren field. If you want to know your true distance you need to be using the same set up you would have on the golf course. It goes without saying but you should have your clubs and you should have the same balls that you play with. 

Find A Field

The best way I have found is to get at least ten golf balls and head out to an open field. If you don't have access to a field you might can get a local course to let you play the back nine early in the morning so its just you out there.  Once you have your place you need to warm up so you are loose and have a consistent swing.  Hit ten golf balls with each club using your normal golf swing. Hopefully you balls are relatively close together, if not go to the area where the most balls are resting. Now its time to measure and record your distances.

Get A Rangefinder

To get an easy and accurate distance you can use a range finder. If you don't have a range finder then get one. You can click >>> HERE to buy the one I have on Amazon or click >>> HERE to read my range finder review. Leave your golf bag set up at your hitting area. Once you are standing in the center of your balls you can just turn around and shoot the distance to your bag. Write down your distance, grab the balls and move on to the next club. 

Fire Away With Confidence

Now you have list of how far you hit every club. I put my my distances in an Excel spreadsheet so I could update them as I got better. I also print it and have it laminated so I could attach it to my golf bag.  Now when I'm on the course I can just shoot the flag and see what club I hit closest to that distance. Golf is a game of confidence and knowing that you have the right club in your hand goes a long way to making better golf shots.  Be honest..... how many times have you asked your playing partners “you think is an 8 or 9?” or “what club did you hit?”.  When you are in between clubs you can look at pin placement or trouble and determine if its better to miss long or short if you are off. Knowing how far you hit each club is an absolute must if you want to get better at golf.