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Swing To The Right

Fix Your Slice

I know it sounds like the opposite of what you should do but you have to swing to the right to fix your slice. If you are duck hooking the ball left swinging to the right will help you too. The first step for this to hold the golf club correctly. I have a post that explains how to do this here. Step two is picking a secondary target 45 degrees to the right of your primary target and swing to the right.


It Will Take Hard Work

It sounds simple but learning to swing to the right was the single hardest thing for me to do. Like most golfers started out with a really bad over the top swing. Basically you swing out to the left subconsciously to compensate for slicing the ball. Funny thing is this makes you slice it even more. If this sounds like you then you will have to work hard to form a new habit. Some people can do it in a few swings and for others it takes months of hitting balls. I have found that half or three quarter swings helps. When you swing as hard as you can't you revert back to your old habits until you form a new one. 

Hooky McHookerton

If you are hooking it badly to the right you may be holding club correctly but coming over the top with your swing too. This results in the ball starting right at your target and then violently curving to the left. Swing out to the right will result in your ball starting way right of your line and very beautifully swinging back to your target. If you watch the pros hit the ball on TV, it looks like it shoots off way right. This is because they are swinging out to the right and drawing it back.

Time To Swing To The Right

There are a bunch of drills to help you to swing from the inside out. My favorite is to lay one club on the ground pointed at your target and then lay another one at roughly a 45 degree angle to the right. I line up my body to the target and look down the line of the 45 degree club and find something out there as my target and trying to hit the ball to it. It will most likely take several tries to see progress and you have to make a full shoulder turn to give yourself the room to swing in that direction. Pretty soon you should see your ball starting right and curving back to the middle. If it simply shoots out to the right you are either not holding the club right or you are falling back when you swing. I remember the first time I successfully pulled this powerful golf shot off, I was giggly. I felt like it was a matter of time before I made the pro tour, wishful thinking! A couple more swings and it was gone. It took a solid year for me to totally ingrain this swing. Any time I swung hard or was under pressure my slice would come back. You just have to beat a lot of balls and keep at it.

Swing Thru The Gate

Another good drill is to set up a gateway with tees to swing thru. This defiantly lets you know if what you think you are doing is what you are really doing. You put one tee about an inch from the ball, 45 degrees in front and to the left. Next you place a second tee in the ground one inch opposite of the first tee, behind and to the right of the ball. This forms a little gate or doorway to swing thru. You will know if you do not swing properly if you hit either of the tees. You can start out with the tees a little further apart and move them in as you get better. Sometimes it helps to take one step away from the ball with your back foot to line your shoulders to the right. The ultimate goal would be for the feet and shoulders to all be aligned at the target but bringing a foot back helps you in the beginning to get the feeling swinging to the right.

Time To Boom It

Once you make this swing a part of your game you will hit the ball more accurately and probably a club or two further. Your drives will sail down the pipe and continue to roll out when they finally land. This will make the rest of the game easier for you. You will be closer to the hole off the tee and hitting a lower club into the green because you will hit your irons further. Once you start hitting driver pitching wedge into every green the game is a lot more fun. Please comment below if this helps you or you have any questions.

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