Stop watching The Golf Channel if you want to get better at golf.

Stop Watching The Golf Channel

Do What?

What do you mean stop watching the golf channel? I know this sounds like blasphemy, just hear me out. I'm just like most golfers in that I could watch the golf channel all day long. It offers a variety of shows, most of which appeal to me as a golf addict. You get to watch the early tee times for PGA tournaments before network coverage starts. They have tons of entertainment programming like classic movies and reality based shows. The thing I enjoyed watching the most was the instructional shows that aim to improve your golf game. These instructional shows are the reason I say stop watching the golf channel. 


Don't put a band-aid on your swing

I watched shows like The Golf Fix and Golf Academy every week. I tried every little tip they offered only to get frustrated and go back to what felt right. I'm not debating whether or not they know what they are talking about. They are PGA professionals so they will always know way more than I do and would wax my ass on the course. I have no doubt that if you could book a lesson with Michael Breed that he could help you with your game. The lessons they show on TV are going out to a very broad audience and are most of the time temporary fixes. Just like everything in life there are no shortcuts to success. You have to work hard and practice the fundamentals to excel in anything you do. The teachings on TV aim to put a band-aid on your golf swing as opposed to offering a long term cure. This is why I decided to stop watching the golf channel.

A Better Way

The Golf Channel is a big business. They are out to make money. If they stopped giving you quick fixes and preach the fundamentals then they will run out of content to produce shows with. If you are slicing the ball and they might help you to straighten it out a bit but then using that tip you start hooking it. Now you have to go back to them to get more tips. You are better off learning the fundamentals of golf. Find out what causes a ball to hook to the left or slice to the right. By doing this you can self diagnose what you need to work on. I believe there is no substitution for instruction from a PGA teaching professional. However, if you are hardheaded like me, its difficult to do something just because someone says so. 

Learn The Fundamentals

The things I do now in my golf swing are things I was taught in my very first lesson but could never make myself commit to. I always went back to what felt right. It took reading tons of books and watching tons of swing analysis videos of pros explaining the swing to open up to change. I found out that every swing is different. There are fundamental similarities in those different swings and these specific things are what result in a successful golf swing. Things like grip, alignment, posture and swing path make up a consistent golf swing. As you master each step you will see incremental improvements in your game.

Hogan's Five Lessons

The best resource I have found for the golf swing is a book called Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This book was written by Ben Hogan himself and is a timeless classic in golf swing mechanics. Each lesson is explained in detail and has drawings with descriptions to further explain each lesson. I love this book so much I own it in paperback and hardback. If you want to grab a copy for yourself click HERE to get it fast from Amazon. Some of the reviews say they stopped watching the golf channel after purchasing this book. You can usually get the paperback for under ten bucks. I promise this will be the best $10 you ever spend on golf. Stop watching the golf channel and start improving your golf swing. If you have any questions or comments please leave me some feedback below.