SkyTrak Review. Personal Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator For The Home

SkyTrak Review


SkyTrak is first affordable golf simulator for the home that uses commercial grade launch monitor technology. You can connect SkyTrak to your tablet or PC by downloading the free App. Practice on the driving range, compete in skill challenges and play awesome golf courses. For the ultimate experience, connect SkyTrak to a projector and hit into an impact screen...



For $2,000 or less, you won't find a golf simulator of this caliber.  For the compete experience you will need additional equipment.



Out of the box you get the driving range feature.  For a reasonable $99 annual fee you can unlock most of the advanced features 



Uses high speed photos to measure ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin and side angle.  Angle of attack and swing path are not available.

Ease of use


After leveling the launch monitor, you are ready to hit balls.  Adding a tablet or projector is easy with free apps.


We Like

  • Compatibility (Andriod, iOS % PC) 
  • Provides great value at its pricepoint
  • Accuracy 
  • Easy to set up & use
  • Portable

We Don't Like

  • Yearly subscription
  • Slight delay from impact of ball to display on screen
  • Photometric technology only collects data from ball, not the club.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak is personal launch monitor with commercial launch monitor accuracy.  It uses photometric readings of the golf ball to determine the where the ball would end up coming to rest.  Basically it takes high speed photos of the ball after impact to determine ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin and side angle.  This data is use to estimate how far the ball would carry and the total distance of the shot.  SkyTrak shows your shot on your tablet or PC in a 3D visual shot model.

SkyTrak Skills Mode

It seems like all launch monitors and simulators are measured against Trackman.  This is for good reason, Trackman is very accurate.  Then why not just get a Trackman?  How about because Trackman starts at around $20,000.  When compared to this industry standard the SkyTrak calculated results that were only about a 2 percent difference.  Most of the time SkyTrak showed slightly lower data.  This might upset the golfer looking to feed their ego with driver distance but I don't feel like its worth the extra $18,000.

This product is not without its flaws.  The biggest shortcoming it that it is only able to take measurements from the ball after impact.  It will not measure swing path or angle of attack.  A lot of golfers have an over the top swing that causes a terrible slice.  This launch monitor will not directly let you know that is your issue.  Another issue some people have reported it that the distance is way off.  This has only been reported in a small amount of users and most have been able to remedy this issue by adding black lines on the balls.  

Bring The Golf Course Home

The SkyTrak launch monitor really shines when it is connected to a projector and balls are hit into an impact screen.  This will give you the complete golf simulator experience for a fraction of the cost of a commercial setup.  Nothing can substitute hitting golf shots out on the course  but with the this setup you can get lost in the moment and it feels pretty close.  If you are in the market for a premium simulator for the home look no further, get your SkyTrak from Amazon >>>HERE

The Complete Simulator Experience