How to properly grip a golf club. Learn to grip it and rip it like the pros.

how to properly grip a golf club

The proper golf grip is fundamental start to playing good golf.  There are many other steps to a great golf swing but it is my firm belief that you will develop bad habits to compensate for a bad grip.  The good news is once you learn how to properly grip a golf club, you will begin to form new swing habits that have a compounding effect on your golf swing, score and the amount of joy that come from playing good golf.


I played golf for many years with a baseball grip.  It wasn't until I was taught how to properly grip a golf club that I began to show true signs of improvement.  Even then I had the general idea down but a slight adjustment made all the difference for me.  It set me up to make the necessary swing changes to go from fading, a nice way of saying super slice, to hitting the boomer draw.  I have a bunch of friends that ask me for advice and I just change their grip and the instantly become better golfers.  The key is to stick with it and make it permanent.  I have people say " man, that was awesome but it felt weird."   It is different so it is suppose to feel weird.  I'm going to give you simple step by step instructions on how to hold it correctly.  I am not a professional golfer or a PGA teaching pro.  I am simply telling you what I have learned from professionals and from a few great books.  

It all starts with the left hand for the right handed golfer, just reverse everything if you are left handed.  You want to hold the golf club with your left hand lightly in your fingers not the palm.  With the club face aiming at your target, you want to rotate your left hand to the right.  Keep turning it until you can see three knuckles on your left hand.  I know it is going to feel crazy, just do it.  This is whats called a strong grip.  If you are a slicer of the golf ball, you will notice that if you hold the club and turn your hand to your old way the club face is shut.  Holding the club like this closes the club face thru impact so you don't have to actively think about it.  Also its easier to hold it like that when the club is sitting still as apposed to trying to do it while the club is moving 100 mph.  

All that remains is to place the right hand.  It will be rotated to the right as well but it will line up with the left.  If you push your right thumb against your right index finger you will notice that your thumb pad puffs up in your right palm.  The crease under the thumb pad forms a perfect pocket for you left thumb to slide into.  Some people swear God put that there for golf.  Now make a trigger with your right index finger and put the rest of your hand on the club.  The pinky is personal preference.  You can overlap your pinky finger onto the left index finger or you can interlock as popularized by Harry Vardon.

That is it.  This is how to properly grip a golf club.  Again, I know it is going to feel weird.  You will probably start to pull hook the ball left.  This is normal because you are used to swinging to the left to keep your ball from going out out of bounds on the right.  You will have to get used to swinging more down the line.  In fact, once you make this grip habit you can start swinging out to the right to hit the long draw.  I talk about it in another post, click HERE to read it.  If you have any questions please comment down below.

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