Phil Mickelson short game. Secrets of the short game product review.

Phil Mickelson Secrets of the Short Game Review

Phil Mickelson Secrets of the short game has to be hands down one of the best golf instruction I have ever spent money on.  Personally I own both the DVD and the book.  First  I purchased the DVD and I must have watched it everyday for a week straight and at least one a week for months after.  After falling in love with the DVD I picked up the book just to have as a fan and compare to the videos.  I might be a little bias because Lefty is my favorite pro golfer but I really love these products.


Phil Mickelson Short game

 It is broken down into a bunch of little lessons that you can skip around if you want to just work on chipping.  The putting videos give you tools to make the short putts and get the long ones close.  There is a whole lot of instruction on chipping.  Phil uses an method of chipping called hing and hold and he uses it on all chips shots.  He shows you how hit  low running chips, high flops shot and little check shots.  He goes into shots out of the rough and bunker as well as some trick shots.  It blows my mind that he can hit a backwards shot.

 It takes a little work but after I practiced these methods I was amazing my friend on the course.  I feel like it gave me an advantage over the people I play against because I can now put spin on the ball.  The first time my buddies saw me I hit a little low check shot they thought I had bladed it across the green.  Their jaws dropped when it hit once and checked up ..... I felt like a stud.  

These products are a whole lot cheaper now that when I purchased them years ago.  If you want to check out Phil Mickelson Secrets of the short game for yourself here is the link to the book on Amazon  >>> HERE and here is the link to the DVDs on Amazon>>> HERE .  

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