Grinding On My Lunch Break. How I Supercharged My Short Game.

Grinding On My Lunch Break

After discovering competitive golf, it was my mission to lower my scores.  I knew that I needed to work on my short game accomplish that mission.  I read a couple books and watched many videos over the years but never really practiced to get better.  It was time to work hard so I started grinding on my lunch break and it made all the difference.


It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time

At the time I was working at a bank and we got an hour lunch break.  I would shoot over the the golf course to work on my short game for an hour.  What was awesome is that the time clock worked off 15 minute intervals so if I left 7 minutes before 1 and got back 7 minutes after 2 I could take an extra 14 minutes of lunch.  That pretty much covered my drive time.  I packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday for lunch because it was cheap and easy to eat in the car.  

I would bring about 10 balls as well as my putter and wedge.  Then I would start out by practicing getting up and down.  After a while I would play a game to see if I could get up and down with 5 out of ten balls.  As that got easy I would up it to 6 out of 10 and so on.  It got boring at times but it was better than hanging out in the break room of a bank.  After a couple months we got a new mortgage banker who was great at golf.  He started tagging along with me and we would have mini short game competitions.  We would play closest to the hole chipping and keep score.  With putting we would play to 10 points on who could get it in first.   Some times we would do a little betting but most of the time it was just for pride.

You Have To Work Hard

The moral of the story here is hard work.  I went to the practice green 5 days a week to just roll puts and hit chip shots over and over again.  It got old after a while but if it was easy everyone would do it.  I know it is a lot more fun to get on the range and bust driver, and I was doing that a few nights a week too, but the short game is where you score.  Don't get me wrong I was not just showing up and trying hard.  I was reading a bunch of Dave Stockton books and watching Phil Michelson videos, then I would take this knowledge to the practice green.  This sounds super simple but making yourself do it is the hardest part.  If you have any questions, comment below or share with me how you work on your game.  

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