starting out in golf my golf memories with my father

Golf Is In My Blood

As many a golfer before me I was introduced to the game of golf by my father. He used to bring my brother and I to ride along with him during his matches. As I look back I realize he brought us along because my stepmom had plans but back then I was just happy to be hanging out with my dad. Because of these fond memories I started bringing my daughter as soon as she was old enough to pass as a 6 year old. It was quite a long time ago but certain things stick out.


First off as a kid I loved getting to drive the cart from time to time. Im sure this made things easier for me when it came time to drive a car. I hit a few things from time to time and learned the importance of a parking brake while stopping on a hill. I learned how to properly string together curse words in a poetic self centering shout. I even had my first sip of beer which I remember tasting amazing. I had already finished my kiddie drinks and it was a scorching hot day. After a couple holes of whining about being thirsty he caved and gave me a sip of his PBR. Nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hot day.

If the course was not too backed up he would let us tee is up and rip a few drives and roll some putts. His friends would all cheer for us, we were kind of a big deal. What’s great is his friends became my friends and I play golf with them to this day. What’s really great is my dad and his brother were friends with my mom's brother so sometimes I would be out there with my dad and two uncles, one from each side of the family. I really appreciate getting to spend that time on the course with my family. It’s not a huge shocker that I would eventually pick up the game myself.