The Best Golf Rangefinder Review For 2017 Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT

2017 Best Golf Rangefinder Review

Why You Need A​ Rangefinder

If you you want to have the best chance of hitting the ball close to the hole, you have to have a rangefinder. It doesn't matter if you slice the ball or hook the ball, knowing your distances is the key to playing better golf. They are more accurate than GPS and you can use them to find the distance to almost anything you can see. Line of sight is the only con of a rangefinder but if you can't take a few steps to the left or right to see the flag then you have no business shooting for the flag anyways. If you play in tournaments you can not use a rangefinder that calculates distance factoring in elevation changes with slope.


Best Golf Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is the rangefinder I personally use.  For the money and features I feel it is the best golf rangefinder you can buy.  The pinseeker technology on this works really good. If you have trees behind the flag, it can be difficult to know if you have hit the flag or the trees. The Tour V4 shows a flag with a circle around it to let you know when you have locked onto the flag. It also “jolts” you with a little vibration to let you know you have locked on. This feature is a little gimmicky and I actually did not like it at first. As I got used to it, I was less bothered by it. None the less it is not a must have feature that should be a factor in you buying decision. I like the vertical design of the V4 as the ones you hold sideways always feel awkward to me. There are models with higher magnification and longer ranges but I can't think of a reason you would need it. The ranges on this is 5 to 1,000 yards and you can shoot the pin from over 400 yards. It has 5 times magnification and is accurate within 1 yard, I wish I was. The Tour V4 is water resistant so if you drop it on dewy grass or if you grind it out in the rain you don't have to worry about ruining it. Couple all this with a 2 year warranty and you have yourself a steal. 

Just Get A Rangefinder

With technology these days, everyone is putting out quality products.  I have always trusted Bushnell when buying golf rangefinders but there are many companies selling great products.  I have  friend that uses his hunting rangefinder and it works fine.  The important thing is that you have something that tells you how far away you are.  If you are just starting out or only play once in a while you probably don't need the most expensive rangefinder.  If you play a lot, you still don't need a real expensive rangefinder but I recommend spending at least around $250.  At this price point you will get an accurate rangefinder that should last you for many years.  I have included a few options that are rated high and are best sellers on Amazon.  You can just click on any of them to go right to the page on  Amazon to purchase or read reviews given by customers.

Max range: 1000 Yards

Zoom: 5X

Max range: 540 Yards

Zoom: 6X

Max range: 1300 Yards

Zoom: 6X

Max range: 400 Yards

Zoom: 6X

Max range: 1000 Yards

Zoom: 6X