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About WiLiHan Golf

 I have been passionate about golf for over 10 years now.  I have been playing for a lot longer longer but I caught the bug about 10 years ago.  It started as an excuse to drink beers with my college buddies and evolved into an obsession.  There have been nights  where I couldn't sleep because I was laying there thinking about my swing.  Golf has taught me patience, it has humbled me and helped me through some rough times.  After weathering the rough times I fell in love with my better half helping her learn the game.  I am very proud to say that might 8 year old daughter is competing in tournaments.  I brought her first club to the hospital the day she was born.    I started WiLiHan to share my love of the game with the world and honestly make a few extra bucks for golf.   WiLiHan is the beginning of each of our names, William, Lillian and Hana,  because golfing is something we love to do as a family. I'm in the south so like may of us I go by my middle name so I want to let you know I go by Mike to eliminate any confusion.  The purpose of this site is to post unbiased reviews of products I personally own or have used, share tips that have worked for me and to tell fun golf stories from my journey.Please email me with any questions, stories I can share on my blog or anything at mike@wilihan.com. 

         - ´╗┐´╗┐Mike

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